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Agile Zone Link Roundup (May 03)

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Agile Zone Link Roundup (May 03)

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For a look at what's been happening outside of the Agile Zone, we've assembled a collection of links from around the web covering all the tutorials, tools, new releases, rants, and raves you might have missed over the past couple of weeks:

Is TDD Really Dead?

TDD isn't dead. But it might be remolded into something even better. After all, agile methodologies are pretty good at one thing: adaptation.

Does Agile Development Allow Long Term Planning?

While mistakes can (and do) happen, mistakes don't have to happen. Agile teams can (and do) plan for the long term without sacrificing their flexibility.

In Defense of Scrum

Let's do what smart people do, keep the good - discard the bad. Much respect to those fighting the battle at your workplaces everyday!

The Sustainability Agenda in Kanban

The Kanban Method’s trick is that it does not treat change as a standalone activity ­– it is integrated into each of its most basic of practices, those of the sustainability agenda.

Dear Agile, It's Time to Grow Up

You’re going to do fine. But enough with the whining and insisting on living in a tiny piece of the world. It’s time to grow up.

General Catalyst Backs Agile Software Development Shop For Government Orgs, OGSystems

The company says that its VIPER development approach, which allows for a more open and agile development playground for creative engineers.

How deep is your Kanban implementation?

Kanban is so much more than only a board with columns, stickie notes, and scribbles all over the place. Kanban is a method, or an approach, to incrementally change/improve your process.

Improve Your Agile Estimates Using the Ruler Score

In each sprint, we update the stories in the ruler with US’s of the previous sprint, so that when our team meets for the planning poker session, they have at least one baseline story on each story point to compare to.

Why Scrum Sprints Slow You Down

I believe that if we want to create software as efficiently & effectively as possible it is about time to move away from SCRUM sprints and look for modern alternatives.

4 Questions to Discover if You're *Really* Agile

Here’s a challenge: how many of these questions are are true for your team? (Be honest.)

Getting Physical with Productivity

The physical Kanban board works great for me, I’ve reduced wasted time, and I’m more motivated to finish tasks.

Sonic Agile

SonicAgile is a FREE Agile Project Management tool that includes a real-time Backlog, Kanban, and Burndown Charts.

Managing Deal Flow in Agile Sales: Scrum Board

At Stack Overflow, it is mainly the Scrum master’s responsibility to ensure that the board is populated properly and that team members understand how deals move across the board. Only if Team Leaders have identified a problem that could not be solved during the Standup, would they pass it on to the Sales Manager to further work on it with the rep in question.

New Agile Method Announced: SCRAP™

SCRAP™ takes elements from Scrum (the “Scr”) and adds in the “P” from XP, but leaves out the controversial “X” (extreme) elements. The “A” crept in when we weren't looking.

We Want Agile Processes

There are organizations which think that Agile or Scrum can be the solution to solve all IT problems that they have. Replacing processes doesn’t make an organization Agile.

Product Surge: A New Take on Agile Development

We looked at the current agile development process and decided it didn’t offer enough room for creativity.

10 Tips for using Trello as an effective Agile Scrum Project management Tool

After a long period of trial and error I found a few best practices to apply when starting a new project with Trello and Scrum.


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