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Agility in the Mainframe

Seventy percent of business data still resides or runs on a mainframe. See how CA and IBM have partnered to bring Agile to the mainframe.

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Interesting showcase "Modernizing Enterprise Innovation Management to Create an Agile Business" at CA Technologies'Built to Change Summit recently held at their Santa Clara, CA headquarters.

According to Surya Panditi, SVP, GM, Agile Management at CA Technologies, 70% of business data is still on the mainframe, or runs on the mainframe, at some point. It is incumbent on providers to deliver the capabilities to enable the next generation with open source tools:

  • To develop

  • To test and secure

  • And to deploy and deliver

CA Brightside provides mainframe developers, systems programmers, and administrators with tools that open the Z platform.

IBM and CA had a number of mutual clients and they decided to begin working together to help clients solve their problems in a collaborative way. meeting clients together. Barry Becker, VP of Hybrid Cloud Services at IBM, explained how the two companies are working together to extend the cloud framework into mainframe on zCloud for:

  • Delivery cost optimization
  • Cloud enhancements
  • Software cost optimization

CA Brightside's partnership with IBM helps clients modernize their IT infrastructure to innovate more quickly. They are able to run mission-critical workloads in a cloud environment with access to the most up to date mainframe technology and expertise. 

Clients using Cloud Managed Services on z Systems can leverage CA tools to help reduce costs, speed application deployment and integration with:

  • CA Brightside to develop applications for the mainframe using existing open source tools and frameworks like Jenkins, Gradle, and IntelliJ through a command-line interface.
  • CA Service Virtualization to test and modify applications in place to make it easier for companies to do conduct mainframe tests and development in the cloud.
  • CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence monitors applications in the cloud and integrates them into existing digital performance management solutions.
  • CA Data Content Discovery to find, classify, and protect data to safeguard PII and meet compliance regulations.

According to Greg Lotko, General Manager of Mainframe at CA Technologies, "CA and IBM have an opportunity to help clients overcome challenges in the rising costs of IT ownership, workforce evolution, and security issues. Together, we give every company an opportunity to realize even greater value in their investment by combining the reliability of the mainframe with the speed and agility of DevOps."

Given the hybrid, multi-cloud, and mainframe environments many large organizations are moving to, the CA/IBM collaboration seems like a great way for developers and operations to get exposure to the entire infrastructure that will continue to evolve. In fact, a recent study by KPMG identified knowledge of enterprise architecture as one of today's most in-demand tech skills.

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