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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Now on DZone

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Now on DZone

Developers are actively looking to learn more about AI - so we're excited to announce the launch of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Zone!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us, whether you realize it or not. It’s no longer just a science fiction theme or a thing of the future. It’s already here, a part of devices we use every single day.

Think about it...

Ask Siri “What the weather is like in New York City” and she’ll look it up for you. Google uses their driver-less Street View cars to collect data and images about roads all over the world. Tell Amazon’s Alexa you want to order pizza from Domino’s and she’ll place the order for you.

AI is here. Developers are actively looking for resources and articles on this fascinating topic. However, there is little to no information currently on the web that helps them get familiar with AI.

We’re about to change that.

Enter the AI Zone!

Today, we’re excited to officially open our brand-new AI Zone! Developers will finally have a place where they can learn the latest developments in the AI space, dig deeper into machine learning and neural networks, and read real-life case studies and use cases of AI technologies.

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We’ve defined the AI Zone as such:

“The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Zone features all aspects of AI pertaining to Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Cognitive Computing. Here you’ll find the latest tools, news, and tutorials featuring everything from inspirational case studies to algorithms in action. The AI Zone goes beyond the buzz and provides practical applications of chat bots, deep learning, knowledge engineering, and neural networks.”

Developers can now read articles like:

They can also read and download Refcardz like R Essentials and Machine Learning in the Zone.

You can visit the AI Zone here and see all the articles and resources currently published in the Zone.

Developers WANT to Learn More About AI

Earlier in the year, when deciding whether to open the AI Zone or not, we asked our developer audience what they thought about AI and if they were even interested in learning more about the topic.

  • 93% said they are interested in working in AI in the future

  • 94% said they believe AI will be relevant to their organization in the future

They also told us that they want to learn more about these AI and Machine Learning-related topics:

  • AI use cases related to image recognition, decision making, fraud detection, disaster prevention and response (including detecting disease and earthquake prediction);

  • Machine Learning algorithms: decision trees, clustering algorithms, association rules, and logistic regression;

  • AI modeling, programming, and solution architecture samples

  • A breakdown of important AI components

  • AI and IoT

Devs are definitely interested in learning more about AI – they just don’t have the resources and tools they need to get started.

In fact, developers told us that their biggest challenges to implementing AI technologies came down to lack of knowledge, lack of resources/training, and complexity of the topic. The launch of the AI Zone addresses these challenges head-on.

AI on DZone

The Zone is just the beginning of our foray into AI. In October, we’ll release The Guide to Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, an in-depth publication on Machine Learning, neural networks, ethics within AI, and more.

If you want developers to recognize you as a thought leader and industry resource on AI technologies, consider sponsoring the AI Zone or the upcoming Research Guide. Developers are actively looking to learn more about AI – and these opportunities are a great way to build trust and authority, setting yourself, your company, and your product apart from the crowd.

Even if AI isn't your focus, browse the AI Zone to see just how cool this tech topic is - and how it can radically change the future of tech.

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