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Meet AI Robot, CIMON

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CIMON, an AI robot, made its debut from the International Space Station (ISS).

CIMON, which stands for "Crew Interactive MObile companioN," is about the size of a basketball and will serve as a companion and an assistant to the crew of the ISS. It is hopeful that CIMON will help improve efficiency and boost the crew members' spirits while they are in space.

Alexander Gerst, the current Commander of the ISS, is leading the project and hopes that the robot will help with various experiments. Since CIMON floats by itself, if any of the crew needs help, they simply need to call out to it and ask for help. It will provide things such as instructions with visuals or any documents the crew might need.

As of now, CIMON knows Gerst's face and voice the best, but the video shows that the robot might still have some trust issues. Or maybe it's just stubborn. Watch below (4:06 is where it starts to get funny) to see what I mean. 

CIMON was designed by Airbus, which is "an international pioneer in the aerospace industry."

Till Eisenberg, CIMON Project Manager at Airbus, said, “CIMON represents the realization of an Airbus vision. It is a huge step forward for human spaceflight, achieved by working in cooperation with our partners. With CIMON, we have laid the foundations for social assistance systems that are designed to be used under extreme conditions.”

With its round shape, friendly face, and its programmed, introverted "personality," CIMON will likely improve life aboard the ISS. But just in case, there's a kill switch so it doesn't turn into a HAL-9000 situation. :)  

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