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Deep Dive Into Deep Learning

It's the first AI roundup of 2018, and we are diving right in with an overview of deep learning. Come check out some DL resources from DZone and beyond!

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Welcome to the first AI roundup of 2018! Before we get started, let's round up the roundups from 2017...

As you can see, about halfway through, my roundups took a shift toward focusing on one topic in particular — y'all seem to like that more! So to continue that tradition, today, we're going to be talking about deep learning: the ability for machines to autonomously mimic human thought patterns through artificial neural networks composed of cascading layers of information.

Is there something else you'd like to see in next month's AI roundup? Let me know in the comments!

Dive Deep Into Deep Learning

Check out the top five articles about deep learning on DZone below. These articles are best read in order, so follow along and enhance your algorithm knowledge!

  1. Deep Learning Startups, Use Cases, and Books by Ekaterina Novoseltseva. Get a feel for deep learning by looking at some general information about how it's being used in the real world and where you can get even more detailed information.

  2. Demystifying AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning by Carol McDonald. Now that you know a thing or two about deep learning, you probably realize it has lots of parallels to AI and ML. This article will help ease the confusion for you.

  3. How I Used Deep Learning to Train a Chatbot to Talk Like Me (Sorta) by Adit Deshpande. Time to dive deeper into some use cases! Check out how one AI aficionado used deep learning to try to train a chatbot that uses the same mannerisms that he does.

  4. Deep Learning in Real-Time With TensorFlow, H2O.ai., and Kafka Streams by Kai Wahner. TensorFlow, H2O, and Kafka are widely used in AI projects. Check out how they can be applied to deep learning, too!

  5. Learning Deep Learning: A Tutorial on KNIME Deeplearning4j Integration by Jon Fuller. We're ending with a more complicated use case: integrating a DL project. Jon Fuller explains it in an way that's easy to understand.

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Get the DL on DL

Let's take it one step further and check out some resources on deep learning from outside of DZone!

Learning in the Deeeeep (See: Adele)

DZone has Guides and Refcardz on pretty much every tech-related topic, but if you're specifically interested in algorithms, these will appeal the most to you. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Steer through the endless possibilities of AI with ease, all the while building ethically responsible technologies that improve and enhance our lives, with DZone's first-ever AI Guide! 

  2. Introduction to TensorFlow. In this DZone Refcard, learn about TensorFlow, an open-source library with a rich set of application programming interfaces for most major languages and environments needed for deep learning programs like sentiment analysis and object detection.

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