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ajaxContent jQuery Plugin Updated

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ajaxContent jQuery Plugin Updated

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Andrea Campolonghi has released v2.1 of his ajaxContent jQuery plugin. The plugin, designed to greatly facilitate the insertion of content into DOM nodes via Ajax calls, has been updated with the following features:

  • A new beforeSend callback is now available and fires just before the ajax call is performed
  • The plugin now can extend the ajax event to items injected in the DOM from a previous call. Basicaly using the options line is possible to attach a new ajaxContent instance directly to an item that will be load in a previous call. The second event is completely customizabile using a set of options with prefix "ex_"
  • BINDING: a new bind option is now avaialble. Basically anytime the binded form element change value the ajax call pass an updated parameter. This gives a wide range of new possibility for the plugin use.
Andrea has updated his demo page to show these new features in action.


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