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AjaxSwing 2.3: Automatically Convert Swing to JavaScript

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AjaxSwing 2.3: Automatically Convert Swing to JavaScript

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AjaxSwing is a web rendering framework that deploys Java Swing applications as purely browser-based AJAX interfaces. It allows developers to implement their user interface using standard Swing components and to expose it as HTML and JavaScript.

AjaxSwing can be thought of as a runtime Java to HTML converter that creates HTML and JavaScript at runtime, unlike GWT that creates it at compile time. AjaxSwing is unique in that it requires no modifications to existing Swing windows and business logic, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs outside of core Java and Swing.

Companies that has invested years of development time and hundreds of thousands of IT budgets into building Swing user interface have a tough decision to make. They can continue to develop using Swing and deploy using WebStart, which requires client-side maintenance and is not a true thin client.

What's new in 2.3

  •  Server-side push that allows pushing the updates to the browser without user interaction
  •  Server-side rendering and emulation optimizations that improve performance by up to 50%
  •  Client-side JavaScript optimizations that improve performance by up to 50%
  •  Visual improvemens throughout the product
  •  Safari brower support on all platforms including iPhone
  •  Google Chrome brower support
  •  Various bug fixes that provide better matching of Swing functionality


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