Akka Split Brain Resolver [Presentation]

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Akka Split Brain Resolver [Presentation]

See what happens when you run into Split Brain scenarios when using Akka clusters and, more importantly, how to fix them.

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Hello all,

Knoldus organized a knolx session on the topic “Akka Split Brain Resolver” on Friday, 1st September 2017

In this session we have discussed about When operating an Akka cluster you must consider how to handle network partitions (a.k.a. Split Brain Scenarios) and machine crashes (including JVM and hardware failures). This is crucial for correct behavior if you use Cluster Singleton or Cluster Sharding, especially together with Akka Persistence.

Also The session takes you to the concept of SBR(split brain resolver) and various ways and techniques you can use to handle as per situations .

The slides for the session are as follows:

You can also watch the video on you-tube :



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