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Web design and CSS galleries are a great source of inspiration for designers, and they are also an outstanding resource for designers to get exposure for their work. Getting a site featured in some of the most popular galleries can bring thousands of visitors and some valuable inbound links.

There are so many different galleries that it’s hard to know which ones are worth the time it takes to submit your site for inclusion. If you’re going to take the time to submit one of your designs to some galleries you might as well submit to those that will give you the best results.

What factors should be considered when choosing which galleries you would like to feature your work? Of course, galleries with more traffic will give your submission more exposure. Additionally, most galleries have RSS feeds and subscribers. So obviously the more subscribers a gallery has, the more exposure you will get. However, some galleries do not include screen shots in their feed. In these cases the subscriber will have to click-through to the site to view it, which will normally mean a little bit less exposure for your work. Also, with so many galleries out there, some are very active and some rarely add anything new. If you are submitting your site to a gallery that has added 75 new designs in the past month, you’ll have a better chance of being included than if you submit to a gallery that has only added 1 design in the last month. On the other hand, the more designs that are featured in a gallery, the less attention each one will get individually.

Because I think all of these factors should be considered by designers that are targeting CSS galleries, I thought it would be helpful to create a table that showed this data for a number of galleries. Using this information you can quickly identify which ones are the best choices to submit your work. The galleries are listed in order of Alexa rank, but you should also pay attention to the other factors as well.

CSS Gallery Alexa Subscribers Added in March Pics in Feed?
CSS Mania 13,570 12,635 311 yes
CSS Drive 23,116 n/a 29 yes
CSS Beauty 25,112 n/a 5 yes
Web Creme 25,559 n/a 58 no
Favorite Website Awards 27,391 no feed 31 no feed
Best Web Gallery 28,102 n/a 87 yes
CSS Remix 29,858 16,693 no dates no
Stylegala 38,743 n/a 0 yes
Cool Homepages 38,783 no feed 3 no feed
CSS Elite 42,846 2,737 74 no
CSS Vault 48,978 n/a 31 yes
FaveUp 54,894 n/a 11 (CSS) yes
CSS Creme 57,050 289 179 yes
Design Shack 62,139 n/a 100+ yes
The Best Designs 65,228 no feed 59 no feed
W3C Sites 65,953 n/a no dates no
Unmatched Style 77,871 3,545 32 yes
CSS Based 82,349 n/a no dates yes
Screenfluent 90,287 n/a no dates yes
Screenalicious 93,621 n/a no dates no
CSS Heaven 96,061 n/a 4 yes
CSS Import 117,396 8,667 70 yes
CSS Clip 118,313 653 230 yes
Styleboost 118,431 n/a 6 yes
Web Digity 125,485 n/a no dates no
CSS Gallery 2.0 137,614 no feed no dates no feed
Boxed CSS 142,164 n/a 29 yes
CSS Website 142,373 763 2 yes
Design Snack 144,613 n/a no dates no
CSS Artillery 158,827 n/a 50 yes
CSS Glance 167,939 n/a 100+ no
The Daily Slurp 182,358 n/a 100+ yes
CSS Website Gallery 196,126 46 5 yes
CSS Collection 199,695 n/a 45 yes
CSS Reboot 202,730 n/a 0 no
Professional on the Web 211,584 n/a no dates yes
CSS Star 220,491 76 173 yes
CSS Tux 235,692 no feed 14 no feed
CSS Bloom 237,028 1,527 0 yes
CSSHive 238,990 73 73 yes
DesignFlavr 242,301 1,282 84 yes
Design by Grid 257,249 n/a 6 yes
CSS Daddy 268,324 8 64 yes
No Resolution 272,482 5,954 2 yes
CSS Impress 290,353 n/a 32 yes
CSS Princess 314,182 20 9 no
CSS Leak 319,340 n/a 65 yes
Web Design Gallery 337,963 244 14 yes
My3W 385,465 n/a 78 yes
Inspiration King 391,490 5,700 0 no
Pro Web Art 396,603 324 65 yes
CSS Flavor 397,298 n/a 1 yes
CSS Container 417,117 no feed 100+ no feed
The Horizontal Way 417,158 n/a 0 yes
CSS Burst 439,050 no feed 0 no feed
Hotwebber 442,827 83 38 yes
CSS Zone 456,876 n/a 59 no
CSS Hazard 475,108 n/a 0 yes
CSS Gallery 502,992 4 83 yes
design|snips 522,013 n/a no dates yes
Designer Source 553,625 80 34 yes
CSS Love 573,271 n/a no dates yes
Design Grabs 585,085 n/a 100+ no
Design Creme 615,345 112 no dates no
CSSEM 615,507 n/a no dates yes
The Designed Tree 625,271 256 5 yes
Lookum 635,229 n/a 5 yes
CSS Moon 731,776 n/a 69 yes
Designs Creme 767,905 n/a 0 yes
NiceStylesheet 780,609 73 50 yes
CSS Snap 797,809 n/a 0 yes
Carted Up 831,381 n/a no dates yes
Genuine Style 838,273 n/a 0 yes
CSS Smooth Operator 871,589 n/a 4 yes
One Star Gallery 890,050 n/a 10 yes
Plastic Pilots 894,329 n/a no dates yes
CSS Band 1,151,978 n/a no dates yes
CSS Warfare 1,166,983 n/a 100+ no
CSS Fuel 1,298,931 n/a 19 no
Refresh 1,490,008 n/a 0 no
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