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KIYUT just released Alkitab Bible Study 0.9, a cross platform and open source bible study toolset based on the NetBeans Platform. It features rich and user friendly Bible study tools:

Alkitab supports parallel view, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries, and daily devotions. It also comes with powerful search capability. Alkitab is an alternative front end to the JSword project.

What's new:
- Add Sword AugmentPath and DownloadDir
- Add Strongs and Morphology User Preferences or Options
- Add Source Viewer
- Various UI Improvement
- Various Bug Fixes
- [Installer] add options to install some books:
KJV, StrongsHebrew, StrongsGreek, Robinson Morph

- View Single Books or Bible
- View Parallel Books or Bible
- Cross Reference and Search
- Commentaries
- Lexicons/Dictionaries/Glossaries
- Daily Devotions
- Build on top Netbeans Platform
- Written entirely in Java

Click on the thumbnail images to get larger view of Alkitab Bible Study.

Alkitab Bible Study Alkitab Bile Study Parallel View Alkitab Bible Study Search

Alkitab Bible Study Information:
- Product Page
- Developer Page

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