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All Day DevOps: Bringing DevOps to the World

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All Day DevOps: Bringing DevOps to the World

An online conference organized by the DevOps community, including thought leaders from Sonatype, Oracle, and more.

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Learn how integrating security into DevOps to deliver "DevSecOps" requires changing mindsets, processes and technology.

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An Audacious Plan

Deliver DevOps to everyone.

The global audience for DevOps is expanding faster than any one person or company can keep up with. While DevOps Days and other regional events provide invaluable support to their local communities, we wanted to create a global event, offering the very best lineup of speakers across North America, Europe, and Asia.

We also wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere can attend — so we set a high bar for our organizing team...and they delivered: $0 registration.

By creating All Day DevOps as online event, we are able to get many people to attend and present, who would not ordinarily be available because of time or travel restrictions. We expect well over 1,000 people to attend throughout the day.

15 Time Zones, 15 Hours, 3 Keynotes, 54 Sessions

November 15, 2016 will see the first truly global, online DevOps Conference: All Day DevOps. Starting at 9:00am GMT, London (5:00am EST, New York), continuing through 12:00 midnight GMT, London (8:00pm EST, New York), there will be three, simultaneous tracks, each track containing 18, 30-minute presentations, for a total of 27 hours of presentations.

Call for Papers

We are inviting speakers from around the world to participate in this first of its kind event, covering 15 time zones. Timing for the conference is set for the EMEA sessions to begin at 9:00am London time, then, at 9:30am EST, move the concentration of presentations to the East Coast of the USA, ending with presentations in the West Coast of the USA starting at 11:00am PST. All sessions will be recorded, but you will need to register for the event in order to have access to the recordings.

The Call for Paper is live now: https://www.papercall.io/all-day-devops-2016. Please submit your paper soon. The deadline for submissions is September 21st.

Conference Tracks

There are three tracks: Modern Infrastructure, Automated Security and CI/CD. We’ll have 54 sessions plus 3 keynotes, on three tracks, running continuously for 15 hours.

Track One: Modern Infrastructure

Modern Infrastructure Track Host and Moderator, James Wickett, Signal Sciences, joined by Karthik Gaekwad, Oracle and Ernest Mueller, AlienVault

In this track, we will be discussing novel architectures, approaches, and tools for building out software and services. We are not looking for the standard approaches, but the way Infrastructure will be in the next 3-5 years.

Track Two: Devsecops & Automated Security - Living the Dream

Automated Security Track Hosts Milton Smith, Oracle and Shannon Lietz, Intuit

You have a well tuned development and delivery environment or your in the process of building one. AppSec is a top business concern. You moved DevSecOps from Big Foot and UFO’s to reality, you sold the dream to staff, and now it’s beginning to pay off. This track explores DevSecOps tools and techniques to build a successful automated security program.

Track Three: CI/CD - Continuous Everything

CI/CD Track Host and Moderator Derek Weeks, Sonatype and Andi Mann, Splunk

Continuous Delivery is not magic, but it does take the right effort. The most successful practitioners have taken pragmatic steps to reduce cycle times, improve collaboration, and build quality in without burning people out. This track asks you to share your front line experiences of building CI/CD pipelines, aligning key stakeholders, and measuring the results. Remember, what’s now an everyday experience for you, is awesome to other’s pursuing that path.

Is There a Site for the Conference?

Registration is open at AllDayDevOps.com. The site will be constantly updated, sometimes multiple times per day, with the latest information. You can also follow us on Twitter under the handle @AllDayDevOps.

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How Will the Sessions Be Delivered?

The sessions are delivered over Google Hangouts, allowing us to have an unlimited number of attendees on each of the three channels. All you need to deliver a presentation is a reliable internet connection.

We are also arranging Slack channels for all sessions to host interactive Q&A sessions for everyone.

If my talk is selected, can I post a notice or an article about the conference on my site?

Not only is it ok, we would thank you profusely if you did. You’re welcome to use the banner and the conference icon if you need graphics for the article. Let us know when it goes up and we’ll give you a shout out.

Who is Organizing All Day DevOps?

The All Day DevOps Conference is organized by advocates in the DevOps community. We are working together to deliver a diversity of vendor neutral sessions and speakers from around the globe to show practical usage and technical solutions of DevOps in small and large enterprises.

  • James Wickett, Signal Sciences

  • Derek Weeks, Sonatype

  • Shannon Lietz, Intuit

  • Milton Smith, Oracle

  • Andi Mann, Splunk

  • Ernest, Mueller, AlienVault

  • Karthik Gaekwad, Oracle

  • Mark Miller, Sonatype

Learn how enterprises are using tools to automate security in their DevOps toolchain with these DevSecOps Reference Architectures.

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