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All Things Java 8 [Tutorials]

No matter what version of the JDK we are on, Java 8 is not going anywhere.

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Java 8
No matter what version of the JDK we are on, Java 8 is not going anywhere.

Java 8 introduced a new era of Java. Everything from lambda expressions and functional programming to Streams and collections — DZone was there to document it all.

So whether you're migrating over to Java 9 or Java 11, or maybe even Java 13, Java 8 concepts and features are still very much alive in the JDK. And understanding these core concepts can help tremendously when it's time to move beyond Java 8.

So without further ado, here are the top DZone articles and tutorials on all things Java 8. Enjoy!

The Basics 

Java 8 (ball)

Magic [Java] 8-ball

The Push Towards Functional Programming

Java 8 Lambda Expressions

Computer programming Java lamda expressions
Learn how to better code Java lambda expressions with the tutorials listed below.
  • Lambda Expressions in Java 8 — In this post, we learn what, exactly, lambda expressions are and how they fit into the whole Java ecosystem.

  • More on Lambda Expressions in Java 8 —If you're ever having trouble grasping Java 8's lambda expressions, you aren't alone. This article will help you see how to get your lambda expressions up and running.

  • How to Handle Check Exceptions With Lambda Expression — This tutorial demonstrates how devs can handle checked exceptions in their projects using Java 8 and lambda expressions for cleaner, more concise code.

  • Java Lambda: Method References — In this post, we take a look at a crucial part of Java lambdas, the method reference, specifically looking at the static reference, instance methods, and more.

  • Functional Interface and Lambda Expressions in Java 8 — This post takes a look at using abstract methods in Java 8 with the functional interface and lambda expressions, specifically methods with different inputs.

  • How to Use Java HashMap Effectively — This post explores the best practices for implementing  HashMaps in Java 8 and onwards, identifying values or keys, lambda expressions, and more.

  • Don't Fear the Lambda — This post teaches you when to use lambda expressions in Java and how to use them to refactor your code into neater, more readable snippets, accompanied with some examples, of course.

Java Interfaces & Default Methods

  • Java 8 History: Interfaces — Check out this post to see what Java 8 brought to Interfaces, including default methods, rules for multiple inheritance, shared methods, and static methods.

  • Interface Default Methods in Java 8 — This tutorial looks at how to use interface default methods in Java 8, which allows devs to add methods to the interfaces without breaking existing ones.

  • Cheatsheet: Java Functional Interfaces — This compilation of the 43 functional interfaces in Java covers their intended uses and tips for implementing them properly.

  • When to Use Java 8 Default Methods in Interfaces — This article looks at the Oracle documentation on when default methods should be used and breaks down what this means for interfaces.

  • Default and Private Methods in Interfaces — Java 8 brought default methods to interfaces, and Java 9 promises to bring in private methods. This post looks at both in action and how to keep your code clean.

Java 8 Streams & Collections

Java 8 streams
Java 8 Streams

The Java 8 API

  • API Design With Java 8 — Learn to be a better Java programmer by mastering Java 8 API design, exposing a well-designed API, making sure that client code can use lambdas, and more.

  • Java 8 Date and Time API — This post journies back to the not-too-distant past to see how Java 8 improved date and time APIs and how to put them to use.

  • API Enhancements Missing Since Java 8 — This post presents some API enhancements that could make Java API more user-friendly, without breaking backward compatibility. Readers shared mixed views. Give it a read and let us know your thoughts. 

  • 20 Examples of Using Java's CompletableFuture —For a better understanding of the CompletionStage API, let's look at 20 examples of CompletableFuture in action, both synchronously and asynchronously.

  • Interface Enhancement in Java 8 — Interfaces have seen massive improvements since they were first introduced. Combined with method definitions, you've got a lot of flexibility on your hands.

Java String (With Examples)

Java 8 String

Want to learn more about Java 8 Strings?
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