All You Need to Know About Selenium Web Driver

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All You Need to Know About Selenium Web Driver

Selenium is one of the most popular web automation frameworks with a number of effective features. Selenium WebDriver is one of its tools suite.

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Testing is a crucial need for today’s digital enterprises to compete with the present business market and user-requirement. Automation testing is one of the software testing methods that has made testing simpler and easier for the testing teams with test automation tools

Selenium is one of the most popular web automation frameworks with several effective features. Selenium WebDriver is one of its tools suite which is preferred by many teams because of its salient features.

Software testing has become a major requirement for many enterprises to excel in the growing business world. Automation testing is one of the popular methods of software testing, where automation tools are used to overcome the testing challenges and simplify the software testing process. There are several automation tools available, and one of the popular ones is Selenium.

Selenium is one of the open-source automation frameworks that is used for automating web applications. With its effective features such as flexibility, portability, compatibility, and support for various platforms, this tool is widely used by many teams. 

Also, it has several tool suites such as Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium Webdriver, and Selenium RC. Among these, Selenium Webdriver is one of the important and widely used browser automation frameworks for various reasons.

What Is Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver is Selenium’s browser automation framework. It supports several programming languages such as C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. This automation framework is implemented through a browser-specific driver and it can directly communicate with the browsers and control them.

Also, Selenium WebDriver greatly supports several operating systems and browsers such as:

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 11.5, and more, GhostDriveretc.

Operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, Windows

What Is the Architecture of Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver architecture is completely about how the tool works with browser and automates end-to-end web application. It has four components in its architecture, they are:

  • JSON WIRE PROTOCOL over HTTP Client: JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is preferred for transferring data from a server to a client on the web. And, the JSON Wire Protocol is a REST API that is used for transferring data between the HTTP server.
  • Selenium Client Libraries: With Selenium Client Libraries, there is a huge support for several libraries such as Ruby, Python, Java, etc. Also, the developers of Selenium have introduced language bindings for supporting multiple languages.
  • Browser Drivers: Generally, browsers have different and separate browser drivers. And, these communicate with their respective browsers by not revealing the logic of the browser's functionality. Thus, with these browser drivers, a command received will be expected on their respective browsers and the response is then sent back in the HTTP response.
  • Browsers: Selenium WebDriver effectively supports several browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

What Are the Differences Between Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium Remote Control

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium RC interacts with browsers using Selenium RC Server.

Selenium WebDriver directly interacts with browsers with the help of an in-built browser’s support.

It is nor faster in controlling the browser.

Webdriver controls the browser from OS level, thus, it is faster than SeleniumRC

Selenium RC doesn’t support HtmlUnit.

It supports HtmlUnit.

It doesn’t generate test results automatically.

It automatically generates the HTML file for the test results.

It doesn’t support testing for iOS and Android.

Android and iOS testing are supported by Webdriver.

What Are the Reasons for Widely Choosing Selenium WebDriver?

  • Selenium WebDriver is widely preferred because it is open-source
  • It effectively supports programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript, etc.
  • It supports a major number of important browsers such as Opera, Yandex, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.
  • Supports browser compatibility testing
  • Efficiently supports cross-device testing


The above-mentioned information entirely relates topics about selenium web driver, the architecture of selenium web driver, differences between Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver, and the top reasons for choosing selenium web driver. 

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