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ALM Tools & Process Round-up (July)

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The July update of our monthly round-up of “new, noteworthy, interesting” in the ALM tools and process space. If you missed it, check out the June round-up.

Strategy for Building an ALM Solution, Ben Weatherall

Need a roadmap to help your flesh out for ALM stack? Ben has shared some practical advice in his write-up over at CM Crossroads. Ben talks about in which order you could build out your ALM tooling and goes over some common workflow scenarios.


The Testing Planet July Edition

Some fantastic content in the July edition of the The Testing Planet magazine including “The art of bug reporting”, “Priority vs. Severity…”, “Alternative Paths for Self Education in Software Testing”. This is must-subscribe publication for anyone connected to the field of Software Testing.


Redgate SmartAssembly

SmartAssembly from Redgate is a .NET obfuscator for .NET developers that also provides Automated Error Reporting. When end users encounter an error with your application a complete error report is created that can be sent back to you. The report contains full stack trace and local variables values so you can diagnose in-the-field application issues. Great product and a solid replacement for the now defunct http://xenocode.com (what a way to kill something off!).


The Problems With Testing E-book, Rob Lambert

Some strong yet well-thought through opinion about the state of play in Testing. Along with other dilemmas that the software testing world is facing, certification is in the firing line. It’s refreshing to see a subject matter expert provide a critical assessment of their field of interest. Do tell if you find the original download link.



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