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The (almost) simplicity of Websockets and the mobile web

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The (almost) simplicity of Websockets and the mobile web

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On a somewhat more feet-on-the-ground note than my last WebSockets post, Dominique Guinard on Web of Things discusses how WebSockets can be used right now. In his own words:

Indeed, as the standard is still evolving, browsers and application/web servers support WebSockets in very different flavours (or just don’t!). Hence, in this talk I was also discussing the use of abstraction frameworks and in particular the impressive Atmosphere framework that deal for you with the current heterogeneous WebSocket support.

The 33-minute video, recorded on September 28 at the Zürich GTUG on HTML5, includes lots of gritty details:

Dominique's academic work has touched on sensor networks before, but this video stays focused on immediate practical implementations of WebSockets on existing mobile devices, while perhaps keeping one corner of an eye on the distantly-future Internet of Things.

Efficient talk with some humor sprinkled in. Watch the video, read the blog post, or skip directly to the source.

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