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Alpaca: Generate Client Libraries for Your API in Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP

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Another tool for making your API development life easier has emerged on GitHub this week.  The new tool is called Alpaca, and all you do is give it your API definition according to a few parameters and it will build API libraries and documentation in Ruby, Python, PHP, and Node.js.  Pretty sweet.

It's different from Apache Thrift and it does something that the author couldn't find anywhere else–generating client libraries in different programming languages.  It also uses a different format for describing APIs than some of the newer languages like RAML, Blueprint, Swagger, and I/O Docs.  

The author says that his next priority for the project is adding automatic test generation, because that's a large chunk of work that still lingers even if you generate the client library and docs.  

Finally, Alpaca supports three authentication strategies: Basic, Token, and OAuth.

Go try it out if any of these three statements apply to you.

Tired of maintaining API libraries in different languages for your website API? This is for you

You have an API for your website but no API libraries for whatever reason? This is for you

You are planning to build an API for your website and develop API libraries? This is for you

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