Alpakka: Reactive Streams Integrations for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud [Video]

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Alpakka: Reactive Streams Integrations for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud [Video]

Take a look at this video that shows Alpakka Tech Lead Enno Runne talking about the complexity of business integrations and data streams.

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As the number of systems within an IT infrastructure increases, the number of integrations needed by enterprises also multiplies. Recognizing that the old times of overnight file exchanges are no longer meeting real-time demands, a well-organized enterprise integration strategy is a critical success factor when your systems need to be connected all day.

In this webinar with Enno Runne, Tech Lead for Alpakka at Lightbend, Inc., we’ll look at why integrations should be viewed as streams of data, and how Alpakka—a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala based on Reactive Streams and Akka—fits perfectly for today’s demands on system integrations. Specifically, we will review:

  • How Alpakka brings streaming data flows directly to the surface, utilizing the features of Akka to tame the complexity of streams.
  • Supported connectors for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as others for event sourcing/persistence/DB technologies and traditional interfaces like FTP, HTTP, etc.
  • A deeper look into the use cases for Alpakka’s most utilized interfaces to popular technologies like Apache Kafka, MQTT, and MongoDB.

Watch The Full Video + Q/A (43 Min)



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