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Alternative for capturing traffic between Visual Studio and Windows Phone

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Interestingly enough, today I learned that sometimes my method of capturing traffic between Visual Studio and Windows Phone is not going to work. As I was looking for alternative solutions, including the use of Microsoft Network Monitor (didn't work - no loopback interface support), I stumbled across SocketSniff - a tool that supposedly supported monitoring In fact, it does a pretty good job at it.

Once you start the application, you need to select the Visual Studio process to keep track of:

Once the process is selected and the capture is started, try deploying the application you are working with to a device (or an emulator) and you will see local loopback traffic in the main work window:

There are a few significant drawbacks for me, regarding the use of SocketSniff:

  • No export to PCAP capability - this means that the analysis is done "on the tip of the iceberg" and I cannot really get a lot of details about the transport data.
  • No content export capability - all that is exported is the summary of accessed locations and ports. Otherwise I could've somehow managed to create a PCAP converter. 

However, it works as a basic alternative for initial tracking. Let me know if you managed (or didn't) to use this method.


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