Amazon and Ericsson to Join Forces to Expand IoT Traffic

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Amazon and Ericsson to Join Forces to Expand IoT Traffic

Announcement from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as Ericsson and AWS work on implementing web-scale technologies into telecom carrier networks.

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At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Amazon Web Services and Ericsson announced a partnership to help cloud service providers increase their bandwidth to account for future growth in mobile and IoT device traffic. This is part of a continued push by Ericsson to help carriers such as Verizon to move their infrastructure to web-scale technologies, in order to better account for this incoming traffic in an agile way, as well as strengthening their position in the cloud space.

The initiative is focused primarily on a 5G standard and the Internet of Things. Ericsson is predicting this technology will massively improve the volume of data that can be handled on the network, at faster speeds of travel, estimated at over 25Gbps of throughput. While 5G is not yet a standard, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg expects it to be used commercially even in pre-standard form.

Though several telecom providers are making a cloud play, their development models are typically more focused on waterfall methodologies, meaning they can’t adapt as quickly as companies like Amazon, who are deploying new changes thousands of times a day. The Ericsson / AWS partnership could help those companies get up to speed faster than they otherwise would.

The first test will be in Australia, where the two will partner with Telstra to improve carrier service in the Melbourne area.

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