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Amazon as a competitor to Google and Apple

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Amazon seems to become a competitor for both Google and Apple. Recently, it has taken the following two steps:

  • It created its own app store for Android. [1]
  • It created an online storage service that streams music to mobile and other devices. [2]

These feel like slow and deliberate steps towards Android-based mobile devices. Amazon’s strengths are as follows:

  • Compared to Google: much more focused, good at selling things, has more content readily available, many accounts with payment information already exist.
  • Compared to Apple: understands the web (Apple really should have a web-based iTunes store [3]), better at marketing (Amazon’s affiliate experience is much better than Apple’s, the same holds for publishing on the iBookstore [4]).

Amazon is not as good as Apple at producing quality hardware, but better than most companies. It’s inspiring to see Amazon’s strategy unfold, I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

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  4. Adam Engst on iPad and ereaders. Quote:

    [...] I can't say that working with Amazon has ever been easy for publishers (and we haven't done much with it), but working with the iBookstore has been the most amazingly horrible, opaque, and frustrating experience I've had. Apple's software is terrible, the iTunes Connect Web site is lousy, and support questions often aren't answered for - and I'm not kidding here - months. It's gotten a little better over time, but mostly it makes my stomach hurt.
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