Amazon Steps their Game Up with In-House PC Game

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Amazon Steps their Game Up with In-House PC Game

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It’s no secret that Amazon is devoted to gaming, and with a recent move into PC landscape, they’re poised to enter a more expansive realm. Amazon unveiled the Fire TV, a microconsole capable of gaming, and just announced an exclusive partnership with GameFly for game streaming. Amazon Game Studios, responsible for a smattering of mobile games, and Fire TV titles, has now entered the PC gaming space as reported by Polygon.

Slated to be Amazon’s first in-house PC game, a job application on Gamasutra boasts that the development team already consists of industry talent who have worked on projects like “Half-Life 2,” “Halo ,” “Portal,” and “The Last of Us.” It’s an impressive list of talent, and apparently Amazon wishes to add more. Notably, the application highlights creativity and innovation.

The question still remains whether Amazon can compete in the video game industry. The Fire TV hasn’t seen widespread adoption as a game console, instead being utilized primarily for streaming. Similarly, partnering with GameFly for game streaming is a neat concept, but one which will need to be quickly expanded to devices besides just the Fire TV. According to Polygon, the likes of Kim Swift (“Portal”) and Clint Hocking (“Far Cry 2 ”) are on board. There’s no doubt that Amazon has compiled a seasoned team of devs. Now the only question is whether they can deliver, pun intended. 

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