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AMQP vs. MQTT: Some Resources

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AMQP vs. MQTT: Some Resources

Hope these resources are helpful in knowing which protocol is best for your use case.

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It's important to check more than one source when comparing two technologies.  Today we're taking a look at some messaging protocols, AMQP and MQTT.  First you should check out this PDF by the chief architect for StormMQ.  He's laid out the features pretty fairly and organized the comparison on an attribute-by-attribute basis, which is always the best in my opinion

Both provide basic messaging needs; beyond that, AMQP provides a very much richer set of messaging scenarios. AMQP is almost a complete superset, lacking only explicit
protocol support for Last-Value-Queues and will messages. However, its deliberate design for extensibility, using an IANA-like approach with a discursive approach, ensures

A comparison of AMQP and MQTT

There's also been a few other resources on the issue including:

Hope these resources are helpful in knowing which protocol is best for your use case.  There are also others like STOMP and XMPP that we'll look at later.

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