An AI Personal Trainer Now Coming to Earphones Near You

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An AI Personal Trainer Now Coming to Earphones Near You

Learn about artificial intelligence based coaching services through wearables like biosensing earphones that utilize computing.

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There has been a rapid expansion in the number of wearable fitness devices in the past few years, many of which have begun to adopt an AI-based coaching service to wearers. This typically involves an algorithm tracking your data and suggesting improvements based on either your technique or your performance levels.

In most of these devices, the computational aspect is built into the wearable, and the advice then relayed to the user via headphones, such as with the Carv ski boots and Moov Now bracelet.

Smart Headphones

This is what makes Vi so interesting. Rather than relying on an external device to do the computing, Vi offers all of the computing within the earphones themselves.

The product, which is created by LifeBeam, consists of biosensing earphones that come with a built-in AI trainer that tracks and responds to both what we’re doing and our environment in real-time. The ‘coach’ offers support and advice to the wearer.

The earphones talk to a necklace-type device that contains an array of sensors that are capable of detecting things like biometric data, thus giving the user access to not only their body data but also to things such as weather information and training history. Vi then uses this to provide customized training advice.

The advice can be further enhanced by providing Vi with your training goals so that she can compare your performance with your goals and chivvy you along if you need a pep talk. In addition to providing coaching support, the headphones can also play music, and Vi is able to connect up with a range of other fitness apps, as well as a smartphone app.

The service is currently raising significant funds on Kickstarted, with the product expected to hit the market at the back-end of 2016. It’s an interesting new entrant into what is a rapidly growing market.

Check out the video below to see Vi in action.

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