An ‘Anger Room’ Is the Office Perk We All Need

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An ‘Anger Room’ Is the Office Perk We All Need

We could all use a safe space at work to blow off some steam. Because let's be honest, nothing good ever comes from telling Jan what you really think of her.

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According to psychotherapist Lucy Beresford, 83 percent of workers have seen a colleague lose it to ‘office rage’ on the job. And 63 percent have done the same themselves.

Whether it’s an inconsiderate colleague (you know that string cheese was not meant for you Jan) or technology that just won’t cooperate (all printers deserve to die), the result is often the same: swift, unadulterated anger.

This is why I’m proposing a new workplace perk: the anger room. As this article in The New York Times explains, these designated safe spaces where folks can blow off some major steam by annihilating unsuspecting inanimate objects – like that damn printer – are “all the rage” these days. In fact, people are willing to spend some serious bucks for the opportunity, hence why it’s becoming an increasingly popular business venture.

And let’s be honest, no amount of foosball will ever be enough to really diffuse a tense situation at work.

As you can imagine, keeping up with the demand for fresh pieces to obliterate could pose a challenge, but I’ve got that covered: Why not hold quarterly used electronics drives? That way, both staff and members of the public could donate their unwanted machines to a good cause while also recycling. It’s a clear win-win!

There may be a few legal hurdles to get through before such a groundbreaking perk could become a reality, but I have no doubt companies would start attracting the best talent in no time.

Eat your heart out, Google.

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