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An API that Recognizes Emotion in Pictures of Faces

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An API that Recognizes Emotion in Pictures of Faces

Facial recognition is on the rise, and not just in your favorite crime thriller TV series. Here's a cool API that identifies emotion in pictures of faces.

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We already have facial recognition software, so with the addition of facial emotion analysis software how long will it be before your camera app tells you: "try that again, uncle Bob looks grumpy"!

Microsoft has long had APIs for speech input and speech output. Recently they released their Project Oxford to add natural language processing and natural language understanding to the mix. Some of you may remember the website How-Old.net that went viral. You gave it a picture and it made a guess how old that person was. Well, out of that technology they've added some facial interpretation functionality to the Oxford API. Given a picture it scores the following emotions: anger, contempt, fear, disgust, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise. Each is given a fractional value and the score for all of them sums to 1.00. As a programmer you could use the highest score  is a single result or do something more sophisticated with the multiple dimensions: Surprise with Disgust. And, a number of other features for these tools are in the works. Things such as identifying facial hair and smiles will be added along with the improved age and gender guess software.

Now that everyone's phone has a forward facing camera one can only imagine how fascinating interacting with your device will become!

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