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An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development

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An Awesome Platform for Mobile App UI Development

With the constant debate raging between the various app developing sites and companies, are you always in quest of creating a customized app with an easy way of doing it? Check this option out!

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With the constant debate raging between the various app developing sites and companies, are you always in quest of creating a customized app with an easy way of doing it? Configure.IT is the best mobile app builder for startups, small and med-sized enterprises as well as independent and veteran developers.

Configure.IT brings the easiest way to build customized mobile apps for iOS and Android Devices.

With Configure.IT you can:

  • Develop fully customized native mobile apps, without the need for writing codes
  • Build cross-platform applications for iOS and Android devices
  • Create your own database based on your requirements
  • Use the complete visual interface to develop your API as per your business logics.
  • Connect to remote database and insert data
  • You can download and own the entire source code. Not only this, but you can also customize it to any extent.
  • Distribute your apps with your testing team, clients and even distribute through Apple’s Enterprise Distribution program
  • Customize the code using Objective C (for iOS) and Java (for Android)
  • Backend support based on MySQL and PHP
  • Check the real time output of your mobile app instantly on PreviewIT

Your Mobile App Builder for iOS and Android Devices

Configure.IT is a platform that helps you design and develop your app in just 3 simple steps.

1- Choose your template

No matter what your business is; Configure.IT has pre-defined templates to ease your configuration. Make your customized mobile app with the help of our templates and you are good to go!

2- Drag-n-Drop Interface

Configure.IT is by far one of the best mobile app development platform, and you will know why. With its Drag-and-Drop interface all you need to do is add your own code (if required).

3- Preview, Publish, and Manage

Our PreviewIT app enables you to see and experience the end result of your mobile app. You do not necessarily need to complete the app designing and development to preview your app. All you need to do is install the PreviewIT application from the App Store and you are ready to publish your app.

Why Configure.IT is the Best Mobile App Builder

At Configure.IT we believe that all your energy should be focused on developing your business, not your mobile app.

By using our app building wizard, you can design your screens, add certain properties and actions and step by step create amazing looking Apps. All the apps created on Configure.IT are completely market ready and can be easily deployed on the cloud.

There is absolutely no need to compile the app, generate, build, share the OTA or install on your device to check your app’s functionalities. You have the privilege of configuring and making the changes on the browser and further preview those changes immediately on your device.

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