Using Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development [Infographic]

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Using Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development [Infographic]

See why Xamarin is a good choice for cross platform app development in this infographic.

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The use of mobile applications over websites has been increasing for quite some time now. More and more app development companies are focusing on developing mobile apps. However, the development of mobile apps is not that simple. Especially, if you are thinking of developing an app that works on multiple platforms.

It becomes significantly tougher for app developers to build an app that functions on Android, Apple, and Windows simultaneously. Xamarin is amongst the best and most widely used players for the development of cross-platform apps.

Starting with a brief about this framework, it is a Microsoft took over Xamarin a few years back. And in the recent years, it has been taking the market by a storm.

Xamarin is a simple mobile app development platform that provides options for delivering great solutions! It provides a unique and innovative way to develop both native iOS and Android applications. Also, the applications built with Xamarin provide a better experience to the users because of the standardized UI controls.

As a developer, you might have dynamic reasons due to which you would want to create an app. In this highly competitive market, there are many frameworks from which you can choose. Amongst them all, Xamarin happens to be one of the best for cross-platform app development.

In this infographic on Xamarin, you will find some of the major reasons which make it the best!

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Benefits of Using Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development

  • A lot of components in Xamarin are open-source. Which means the developers have the liberty and flexibility to variate those components according to their requirements.
  • The time required in the development process of an app with Xamarin is comparatively shorter. It provides a simplified way of sharing codes across various mobile platforms like Android, iOS and that is why it requires less time to build an app.
  • Since the coding of Xamarin happens in the C# language, it provides a native user interface access. This is because C# is an object-oriented programming language.Also, what makes Xamarin the best is its capability to provide the benefits of a native app, i.e. it lets the app access various features of the device like its camera, microphone etc.
  • If you wish to develop a mobile code, you have to choose one programming language from the available choices. This takes place according to the platform you are using; Android, iOS or Windows.If you are using the iOS platform for your app development, you need to go with Swift. Similarly, if you are using Android, you will have to opt for Java. However, when you are building an app with Xamarin, you only need one language.Xamarin uses the language of C#, which is a language used for very general purposes. C# is a modern version of C++ and is totally object-oriented. The type-safety feature of C# eliminates the risk of any type errors from happening. It also reduces the risk of any incorrect program behavior from happening.
  • RMAD is one of the most significant benefits of Xamarin. Even though cross-platform app development is a bit tedious, developers prefer it over the native apps. This is because it is more suitable in terms of its cost.The best part about Xamarin is that it satisfies both aspects. The cost-effectiveness part along with developing an app that has the look and feel of a native app. It gives a great user experience along with the remarkable performance of the app.And lastly, the development process of Xamarin apps have also become faster and easier with the help of the libraries that are formed.
  • The component store of Xamarin is very helpful in finding useful stuff for developers. This includes cross-platform libraries, UI controls, and third-party web services.
  • The process of testing of a cross-platform app is really long. A cross-platform mobile developer has to spend a lot of time in simply testing, analyzing and evaluating the performance, look and feel of the app. The Xamarin test cloud allows the testing of applications on the cloud, making the process simpler, shorter and faster.
  • In Xamarin, the developers can build apps without having to develop any extra plug-ins. Standardised User interface controls are used for the development of apps in Xamarin.That generates a better user experience across all the mobile platforms. Also, these apps are also able to access some platform-specific functions.
  • An added benefit of the apps developed in Xamarin is their cost-effectiveness. This is primarily because you can reuse the same code to develop apps for various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.Unlike other frameworks, where you need to develop different codes for separate mobile platforms, Xamarin can work on one code only!
  • With high competitiveness in the market, every app is coming up with better and more effective solutions for enhancing the convenience of the users. One such feature is the offline usability of an app.This is also where Xamarin stands ahead, as it has the feature of the cloud for reliable data synchronization that helps in using the app even when you are in a remote area and do not have the internet connectivity.
  • Xamarin has the feature of integration of SDK, which welcomes new features and automatically updates versions in the mobile platform, as soon as they start working in the operating system of the device.


For all your mobile development related queries, Xamarin provides an all-in-one solution! The best part is that just with one tool, you can build and test your app, as well as distribute it, even if it is for different platforms.

As of now, Xamarin is proving to be the best option for mobile app development, amongst all the others that are available. The features and benefits that it comes with are no less of a happy dream for developers! With a friendly interface and ever-so-amazing performance, Xamarin is outreaching the needs of all the developers as well as the users. More than 50,000 developers have already become a part of the community of Xamarin, and by the things are going, the number is only set to increase!

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