An Interview With Brian Gracely on Red Hat's Acquisition of CoreOS [Podcast]

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An Interview With Brian Gracely on Red Hat's Acquisition of CoreOS [Podcast]

Chris Ward interviews OpenShift's product strategy director Brian Gracely about Red Hat's recent announcement of their acquisition of CoreOS.

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I have met members of the CoreOS team and contributors around Berlin at tech events, and while I have never been a big user of their projects, I loved their attitude. In the rise of containers, they went against the grain and created projects to make using containers more efficient and more 'Linux-like.'

Anyone who pays attention to the container space was probably surprised when Red Hat announced their acquisition of CoreOS, and while the company is the epitome of a (successful) Linux vendor, some might consider them more 'old school,' and counter to how CoreOS are used to operating.

The acquisition is yet to complete, and plans for how OpenShift and CoreOS projects will merge or coexist are in progress, but I spoke with Brian Gracely, director, OpenShift product strategy about the container space more generally and how the acquisition might fit into it.

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