An Introduction to Strong-Style Pairing [Video]

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An Introduction to Strong-Style Pairing [Video]

Whether you are pairing with one other person or pairing with a team of people, Maaret Pyhajarvi and Llewellyn Falco's new technique, strong-style pairing, is the way to go.

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Have you ever been pairing with someone and they have an idea so they take the keyboard from you to show you how something is done? It breaks the driver-navigator relationship in two — the navigator becomes both the navigator and the driver, causing all sorts of problems. To offset these types of situations, Maaret Pyhäjärvi and Llewellyn Falco have come up with a process they call "strong-style pairing." It puts the right people in the right roles when pairing to ensure full engagement from all parties, build trust, and promote better collaboration. Watch the video below to see DZone's John Esposito talk with Maaret and Llewellyn at Agile2016 about their new pairing technique.

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