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Analysts Trash ODF

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Analysts Trash ODF

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With about a month to go before the ISO ballot on standardizing Microsoft’s Open Office XML (OOXML) format, the Burton Group has thrown gasoline on the fire of the great OOXML v ODF debate.

In a 36-page analysis of the relative merits of the two competing formats it tells large corporations “for now ODF should be seen as more an anti-Microsoft political statement than an objective technology selection” and recommends that they stick to their knitting and use the OOXML default if they’re Office 2007 users.

The authors argue that OOXML will simply have more market share than ODF even among the government agencies currently flirting with ODF; that ODF will evolve slowly and painfully; and that OOXML is more suitable to what most organization do with productivity apps whereas ODF addresses only a subset.

They claim that they’re circulating their analysis for free to “catalyze and advance the debate” ahead of the ISO vote.

It’s not clear yet that they haven’t just succeeded in setting off a lot of yowling and hardened the lines.

In response to what the ODF Alliance claims are “erroneously negative and unbalanced statements,” it’s shot back a nine-page response addressing a supposed 18 flaws in the Burton boys report.

It’s circulating it among the government officials that have hopped on the ODF bandwagon in a bid to retain their loyalty.




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