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Android Developers Look Beyond the Smartphone

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Android Developers Look Beyond the Smartphone

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Android app developers are not limited to the Smartphone now. Android has expanded beyond imagination and android app developers have already started to explore other of app development. Among these, smart watches that are about to the flood the market hold a critical place with respect to future android development prospects. Android app developers  will likely to work for a universal operating system that would run upon a host of electronic devices in the coming years. No doubt android will emerge as a hot spot for developers as one of the most reliable source of income.

  • Smartwatch, the first extension

A majority of Android OEMs have announced manufacturing smart watches. Smart watches, unlike Smartphone will be simpler in functionalities and it will compliment the phone through substantial support for android apps. At the same time, watches with simpler functionalities might set android app developers move into territories that are much simpler and apt for devices such as smart watches and digital cameras.  These products pose potential for android app developers to stretch their expertise and explore new domains of revenues.

  • Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles powered by android are also making their way into the market. A number of gaming devices have been launched in the market powered by android. While these devices do not match up to the Xbox or Play station standard of gaming; but they cater to a different market of gamers altogether. For example Ouya gaming console, that is available for $99 allows users to access all the games available in Google play store. While it might not be favorable for die hard gamers, the overwhelming number of casual gamers is enough to motivate the horde of android app developers to create content for these gaming consoles.

While iPhone app developers   enjoy a larger revenue share developing for iPhone and iOS, android app developers on the other hand can look beyond the Smartphone. 

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