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Android Developers Might Develop for Samsung Too

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Android Developers Might Develop for Samsung Too

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Samsung has reportedly acquired an Israeli startup called Boxee for $30m. Boxee, later termed to Boxee TV is an open source freeware media player that integrates your locally stored media and your favorite videos available over the web. Android app developer see Samsung as one of the major players that have contributed heavily to the growth of android from the beginning and continue to do so. However, such strategic acquisitions by Samsung are passive signals of its willingness to start its own operating system.

What is Samsung trying to do?

Many android app development companies working for the ecosystem were surprised to see so many ‘S apps’ in galaxy s4. The apps were critical in functionalities that steal a lot of engagement time of the users. Clearly it’s a sign that Samsung wants its healthy user of its flagship devices to use its apps and get attached to its environment. Even Apple did the same during the beginning and created a lot of buzz and engagement for its app store. The idea of establishing an ecosystem of its own makes sense when contemplated from the angle of revenues Samsung can make. A streaming service for AV content will also add as a feather to its cap of resources that Samsung can employ to go on with its own operating 0system.

Can Samsung Succeed?

A lot of opinion polls suggest otherwise. But one should not forget that it was Samsung that made an enjoyable interface in the galaxy S2 and pleased a lot of tech critics. Samsung engineers are already well versed with android and creating something similar that gives benefits to users and developers (larger profit share) can give a fetch a lot of opportunities for Samsung to get started with its own ecosystem.

At this point of time both Google and Apple are claim a 30% of the total profit share generated from each and every app purchased on the app store. If Samsung offers more on this, then adding the initial volume should not be a problem for the company.

If Samsung makes something that is similar with respect to the development patterns, then android app development companies might also take keen interest in developing apps for Samsung’s ecosystem as well.


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