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Android App Store and iOS Benefits

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Android App Store and iOS Benefits

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Google and Apple are the main custodians of best technologies in the world. To achieve the best target both have been worst competitors. No wonder some apps are far better than Google’s but on a serious note Apple industry has made its effect in the current field of technology. Fortunately, android came in picture which started setting its own trend. Here in this article you will find out:

  • Basic advantages of Android apps.
  • Shortcomings of Android apps.
  • Apple’s benefits and drawbacks.
  • Comparison of Android and Apple apps.

Basic Advantages of Android Apps:

Android has its applications in Google Play Store. It comes in all Android devices; smart phones, tablets and even laptops. You don’t have to download it as it comes by default. Besides using this software, different apps can be installed by going to the developer’s site.

Shortcomings  of Android Apps:

Apparently there are no shortcomings of Android system. It allows you to download or install different apps from direct sources. However, the main idea of understanding the risk factors remains alive.

Apple's  Benefits and Drawbacks:

Apple devices have peripherals which are of extremely superior quality. Paying for apps is not a lengthy procedure now. Finger prints can directly take you to the account enabling to get all you want. But, this feature is not for every IOS phone. For this you must have iPhone 6 or any upgraded version. 8.1 version update also empowers to experience better iCloud with Photos. Amazingly, this version permits you to use iMessage right from your Mac Book.

Battery life of this phone is considerably lower than many other Android phones. It drops to the certain level after downloading any app from the IOS store. Navigation and processing in this software (8.1 version) is slaggy and slower.

Comparison of Android and iOS:

Obviously there are many apprehensions in using Android, especially when you have switched from Android phone. Here is a list of some of them which may clear your vision of using them.

  • Android apps are friendly as compared to IOS or Apple’s.
  • Apple’s paid apps are relatively expensive than Android’s.
  • Apple or IOS has lower interface as compared to Android’s. Google has disclaimed more widgets which make the productivity and business more in flow.
  • Latest version of Android is 4.4 KitKat. Whereas Apple has 7.1 in the mainstream.
  • Android can be customized but unfortunately, jailbreak is utilized to function certain features and apps in Apple phones.
  • One of the main drawback of Apple is the fact that it can only support Apple products; iPhone, iPod and iPad. Android can support many devices, such as: Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Nexus and LG.
  • Safari is the default browser for Apple products. Android’s default browser is Google Chrome.

All the information in this article is extracted from best authentic sources. There is no falsehood in the review.

About the Author:

Mark Henry is a freelance photographer, journalist and essay writer. He is a cofounder of top10writers.com– writing services review project.

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