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The Android operating system has taken over the global smartphone industry in ways that very few people could have ever imagined. The OS is available throughout multiple price tiers and on devices produced by leading manufacturers like Google and Samsung. As the platform has expanded, so too have its mobile applications, which include educational resources, games and work-related offerings.

As iOS and Android continue to go head-to-head in the burgeoning smartphone and tablet markets, mobile applications for both platforms are also jockeying for position. Apple started the app craze with the introduction of its App Store, prompting other operating systems to follow suit and try to keep up. Android appears to be more than willing to stand up to Apple in terms of mobile apps.

An Asymco report suggested that a total of 100 billion mobile applications have been downloaded on Android and iOS devices as of May 2013. The study said that Google is slightly behind iOS, but the gap has closed significantly in just a few years.

Given the widespread availability of the Android operating system, the number of apps downloaded per device still trails iOS. Asymco said that each iOS device sold has 83 apps installed, compared to 53 apps found on Android gadgets.

Mobile applications have become an essential aspect of both smartphones and tablets. These offerings can make or break a platform, with some users staying with Android and iOS because of the vast number of apps, rather than trying out a new device that simply lacks a similar selection.

Developing an Android-based application may seem overwhelming to those who are not as tech-savvy as others, but there are innovative tools available to create mobile apps that can be used on Android-powered gadgets. Free Android controls are developed with feedback from the Android community, making the process of creating apps simple, effective and easy to understand.

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