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Android Apps Redesigned

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Android Apps Redesigned

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Let's face it. Google Play Store is full of apps that are stuck in the pre-holo world of Android Gingerbread. When Android 4.0 ICS gave us a unified style language, Holo, and later the Android design guidelines the old apps all started to look outdated overnight. These apps need a facelift, a redesign.

In the latest Android Design in Action episode " Android Design in Action: Design Hangout No. 1" Roman Nurik encouraged the Android community to show their skills in giving the old apps a new refreshed look. To see what people have come up with search for the competition tags on Google+.

The quality as well as the quantity of redesigns submitted to Google+ this week is surprising to me. Just few short months ago it was impossible to find designers who understood Android but that is rapidly changing. It could be that more an more designers understand how good of a career step learning Android design is now that Android has captured more than 75% of the global smartphone marketshare.

Maximilian Salomon's WhatsApp

Maximilian's WhatsApp redesign is simple and great. I hope WhatsApp team will pay attention to this and hopefully implement an update to their app soon! See more pics in  the original post at Google+.

Taylor Ling's Google Finance

Taylor Ling took a look at an abandoned Google product in desperate need for overhaul. CHeck out Taylor's blog post and the original post art Google+ for more pics and description.

Paul Burke's IMDb

Paul's redesign of IMDb is an excellent example to demonstrate that following holo design doesn't mean that the app needs to lose any of its branding and unique style. See more pics in Paul's Google+ post.

Marie Schweiz's Blogger

While Marie's Blogger design isn't actually from this week you can't really talk about app redesigns in Google+ without mentioning her. Her take on Blogger is something I'd hope to see become reality soon. See Marie's post as well and her other redesigns in her Google+ stream.

Even more redesigns

George Venios's Little diary

Asher Simonds' Parcels App

Andreas Stütz's Tanken AT

Walmyr Carvalho's Last.fm

Markus Hi's runtastic Altimeter

Lars Werkman's Caland Cijfer

David Corsalini's ComingSoon Mobile Hd

Stephen Lopez's AndroidGuys

Find more redesigns

To find more redesigns form Google+ just search for the tags  #androiddesign and #ADiA

And don't forget to tune in to the next week's Android Design in Action to see the results! Follow  Android Developers on Google+ to stay informed!

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