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Visualizations of Android Fragmentation: Device, Brand, OS, and More

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Visualizations of Android Fragmentation: Device, Brand, OS, and More

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Remember that time Google fixed Android fragmentation? Well, even if you think it's not that bad at this point - that's fair - it's interesting to see just how much diversity there is when it comes to Android. To that end, OpenSignal has created a visualization of Android fragmentation. In particular, they look at device fragmentation, brand fragmentation, OS fragmentation, fragmentation vs. GDP/capita, iOS comparisons, sensor fragmentation, and screen size fragmentation.

It's a pretty thorough analysis, which each of the of the visualizations providing a bit of slick interactivity. For example, something like this:

Credit: OpenSignal, Android Fragmentation Visualized

Keep in mind that you'll have to check out the original to hover and read most of these. A lot of the most prominent results are about what you'd expect - a whole lot of Samsung (Galaxy SIII), for example - but there's a lot to look at, and a particularly useful visualization for OS fragmentation.


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