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Android Login with Google Plus Utility

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Android Login with Google Plus Utility

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Official Document: https://developers.google.com/+/mobile/android/sign-in

Tutorial from AndroidHive : http://www.androidhive.info/2014/02/android-login-with-google-plus-account-1/

Note: Please read AndroidHive article for initial setup & other process


Step 1: Import "GooglePlusLoginUtils.java" class in your package

Step 2: Implement callback listener

public class LoginActivity extends Activity implements GooglePlusLoginUtils.GPlusLoginStatus

Step 3: Declare callback method

public void OnSuccessGPlusLogin(Bundle profile) {

Step 4: Declare object of GooglePlusLoginUtils.java

private GooglePlusLoginUtils gLogin;

Step 5: Initialize object in onCreate method

gLogin = new GooglePlusLoginUtils(this, R.id.activity_login_gplus); // Id of login button

Step 6: Declare few supporting methods

 protected void onStart() {
 protected void onStop() {
 protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int responseCode,Intent intent) {
                gLogin.onActivityResult(requestCode, responseCode, intent);


Q: What is the problem of above approach ?

A: You activity has a lot of scattered code for Google Plus login, It will be more complex and unmanageable when you will have another social network login like Facebook and Twitter.

Q: How I will receive a response for login success?

A: You need to implement interface "GPlusloginStatus", on successful login you will receive callback "OnSuccessGPlusLogin"

Q: What will be received on login success ?

A: You will have Display name, Email , Photo and Profile url.

Q: Do I need to handle login failure / error ?

A: No, GooglePlusLoginUtils.java will handle login failure, error and display appropriate message on screen.  

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