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Android Releases Android Studio 1.0

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Yesterday, Android announced the release of Android Studio 1.0 on their Android Developers Blog. Available on the Android Developers site, Android 1.0 is the official IDE from the Android team and is built on "the popular IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) Java IDE." The IDE will continue to receive updates as the stable release continues to be tested.

The IDE is interactive with a UI design that will make it easier to program for the OS on multiple screen sizes and API versions. Some features include:

  • Sample Importing & templates — "Android Studio includes wizards that enable you to start with new project templates or import Google code samples"

  • Internationalization string editing — "Manage string translations of your app in Android Studio."

  • User interface design — "Edit and preview your Android Layouts across multiple screen sizes, languages, and even API versions"

  • Memory monitor — "View the memory usage of your app over time to help find ways to improve the performance of your app"

  • Code templates with GitHub integration

  • Instant access to Google Cloud services

And plenty more features that will make it worth your while to update. As you guys develop, we'd love to get your feedback and opinions on the new IDE. Get it here.


All screenshots are from Android Developers Blog.

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