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Android Studio: Third Helping Quite Charming

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Android Studio: Third Helping Quite Charming

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Was off doing Play for a week and last night decided to boot up Android Studio and pick up a piece I had been working on. Started it and thought right away ‘maybe there‘s an update.‘ Sure enough, there was and I chose to install it. Then I went and read the release notes. Minor release, a few clarifications on error messages. Next, I tried to run my app through the emulator. Thus began a trip to hell that lasted hours and rekindled deep, smoldering hatred for this environment. If something fails, I want it to fail fast and hard. That‘s been written about ad nauseum back to the beginning of technology. The Emulator is such a rolling kettle of half-baked garbage that you can‘t even tell if it‘s failing, and if so, why. I tried everything I could think of: clean, rebuild, lower the memory I was asking for (even though I had run the emulator hundreds of times). Finally, I got one of their sample projects, opened it and that would not start.

As time slips by, you start to hate yourself. How could you let so much time go in this sink hole?? I was looking at the logs, watching the crazy emulator spew out its nonsense. At one point, I saw it complain about how it couldn‘t downgrade the database. Read about that and found that this happens sometimes when you edit a device definition, so I deleted the one I had and made a new one. I also tried to install the HAX thing from Intel. That literally locked my machine up hard, not once or twice, 3x. (BTW, I am running the 10.9 beta, but don‘t see how this could be responsible for any of this, and was running 10.9 before when it was working.)

Then I realized I had not updated the Android Studio instance on my 8 core in the office. First thing this morning, came traipsing in and updated the project source (not Android Studio) and ran the app and of course, it started right up.

There were a bunch of articles this morning about the Android v. iOS stuff. Much more on that later. For now, I have to say that Google is the new Microsoft, again, not only not really caring about quality, but flipping the finger to the people who actually try and make things, as their little revenue bus rolls on, clearly unaffected by the fact that they are and have alienated makers since their inception.

Again, this is the Maggie Thatcher quote: the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people‘s money. In google‘s case, it‘s you run out of other people‘s content. And that can‘t happen soon enough. But my prediction is that they will, it turns out, have been poor students of history. I know this is the gnat talking, but I think Microsoft‘s doom was spelled when they really lost the development community in the 90s and the remaining cabal of nitwits made the whole idea of Microsoft Software into a keebler elves also-ran tinkertoy trap. Google wouldn‘t even keep news feeds going for the community that supports them, I think if I were apple, I would be pursuing not a containment strategy with google, I would be strategizing something closer to the mouse in the boiling pot of milk: let them tread water on 20 different fronts, not realizing that they are drowning until its too late.

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