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Android Studio v2.1.1 Released to Fix Security Vulnerabilities

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Android Studio v2.1.1 Released to Fix Security Vulnerabilities

Android and JetBrains worked quickly to release updates resolving two major security concerns in both Android Studio and IntelliJ.

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Last week, Android released the Android Studio v2.1.1 update to address two security concerns found in previous versions. According to JetBrains, there were both built-in web server vulnerabilities and internal RPC vulnerabilities that could result in malicious data access. However, the updates for versions 1.5.1, 2.0, and 2.1 should reduce the security risk on the IDE. For some developers, upgrading to a higher version may not be in their best interest, so Android is offering a zip file for v1.5.2 so they can continue their work as well.

Not only did this affect Android Studio users, it affected all IntelliJ-based IDEs v2.016.1 and older. There is a nifty table for determining what versions have been affected, making it easy to see if you need to update.

Although Android and JetBrains said that there have been no incidents reported relating to the matter, they still worked quickly to resolve the issue, ensuring that developers can continue to work in a safe environment.

It is highly recommended that you update as soon as possible. You can download the v2.1.1 patch here. If needed, the zip file for v1.5.2 can be found here.

Has the security vulnerability or forced update affected your work in Android Studio in any way? Did the occurrence discourage you from using Android Studio in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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