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As the Android Turns

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"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.

Wow, this is pretty amazing. Top Android exec splitting, the CEO ditched his wife to start dating the android dude‘s girlfriend. The article doesn‘t comment on the fact that the Android guy is going to a Chinese phone maker.

Remember the expression ‘the acorns don‘t fall far from the tree?‘ DEC spawned a ton of companies right around its trunk.

The problem with open source is the acorn leaves not with some DNA, but a complete copy of everything. Doubt that Chinese company would be hiring that dude unless they wanted him to do a fork.

I have said this before, but I have to say I don‘t get Android. What is the thinking here? Claim more seats, and thus victory, but the seats are all from different balkanized competitors who ultimately are eating each other for the lowest margin part of the market. The fate Jobs wanted to impose has just been unfolding on its own, according to the logic Christensen talks about in Innovator's Dilemma

Speaking of Goog‘s innovations, that pay per gaze patent that makes you want to pour a tall one and unwind with Brave New World . I love how this article about it starts by noting that there are no current plans to put ads into glasses. Do no evil has turned into mask the evil with baby-grade double talk that would make Anthony Weiner sound like Cicero.

Meanwhile, let me advance what will seem like a nutty argument (hence its appeal to me): Android is fighting the last war. Counting seats and eyeballs is so 1990s.

All the interesting shit got the Apple memo and is trying to do complete experiences. Look at Typesafe. They are focused on all the things Lean encourages you to focus on: OOBE, time-to-soltion, VSM, decreasing waste. Android is betting that the growth of its numbers will make people look past what an abysmal experience it offers those who have to finagle solutions from its loins. I saw Meteor yesterday. Sure, it‘s another Javascript contraption, but what it screams is we got the apple and lean memos, oh, and your other dirt pen masters are torturing you out of sheer laziness.

Did anyone else have their jaw drop on seeing the demo of the new iWork for iCloud? As I was watching them run Numbers and Pages in a browser, I was thinking ‘what in the hell is this thing doing?‘ It‘s now available as a public beta. Today I started realizing that the Trojan Horse/thermonuclear device I have been saying for a couple years Apple should develop may be at hand. All of web development, the whole sewer pit of Rails, Grails, JSF, Backbone, node, Dart, are all little turd tugboats circling the same drain: Javascript. If you could write code in O-C and Cocoa and have it rendered in a browser window, that would blow up the web world (given one other requirement: the ability to do a server database instance). Maybe this means that Apple already has this and is using it internally first. Would not be hard to believe. I had been thinking that there was really no reason for Apple to even engage the bombed out white dwarf aka Microsoft, but it‘s looking like they might see some opportunity there to finally make it easy for businesses to get off the Ballmer slave ship to nowhere, which will be looking for a new captain….

Saw the American Experience episode about Silicon Valley and loved it. Wow, you look at the leadership of those companies and it makes our generation of tech leaders look like stubby legged little midgets running around firing off toy cannons. The only one left who was worth a damn is dead.. jury‘s still out on Cook, but he looks a lot better than the google guys, or Ballmer, who will go down in history as one of the longest-tolerated disasters ever, whose accumulated bluster-filled blunders could have funded solar for the whole nation, or a fund to pay teachers real money for the rest of time… The whole catastrophe of unsold surfaces could not have been a better, more appropriate coda for the era of the billionaire Potemkin Village builder… Ciao, Buddy…

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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