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Android vs. iOS: Data on Engagement

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Android vs. iOS: Data on Engagement

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Those of you who saw our recent post on the development processes for Android and iOS probably already have some strong opinions, but one aspect not covered in much detail by techcrunch's article is that of engagement; more people are using Android, but iOS has all the engagement. This recent post from Luke Wroblewski at LukeW has compiled a set of statistics covering engagement between Android and iOS, and it's an interesting bunch of data.

Some of the numbers are shocking, given the degree to which Android users outnumber iOS users. For example, according to Wroblewski's sources, ad revenue on iOS is 1800% higher than it is for the same ad running on Android, and Android developers earn $0.19 from downloads for every $1.00 that iOS developers earn.

What Wroblewski's article doesn't address, though, are the causes. Why are these differences so severe? And how can Android catch up with iOS in terms of profitability? What do you think?

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