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Android Wear is Going to Dominate User Experience

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Android Wear is Going to Dominate User Experience

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Let's face it, if there's one thing that Google has gotten down pat with Android platforms, it's making the software accessible and open to a lot of different use cases. This kind of open door policy has allowed for Android to hit the automobile integration and wearables market at a fast pace. It's also a big reason why Android Wear makes the most sense for the already vague and open device use case that is "wearable computing"--this is a technology trend that is truly undefined and is going to be manifested in so many forms (fitness trackers, eyewear computers, armbands, in-pocket devices, embedded clothing, etc.). Wearable computing needs the structure and cooperation of a platform like Android, and that's exactly what it's getting with Android Wear.

Google has already proven the Android adaptability with the current hands-on demos for Android Wear, especially the keynote presentations shown on a Moto 360, and let's not forget all the sweet LG G and Samsung Galaxy Lives they gave out. Similarly, Google's focus on user experience and intuitive design for Android L is something that has me very optimistic for their role in the future of smartwatches and other wearables. So many people have waved off the wearables as a complete trend technology--and user experience and obstacle application are going to be the critical ways to overcoming this viewpoint. 

Demos showing Android Wear running on a Moto 360 seem to be very popular right now--it's one of those rare combinations that actually turning a lot of smartwatch nay-sayers to considering a smartwatch (now that industry leaders may not favor the pairs-with-flagship-phones model approach that Samung held):

The "Ok Google" functionality of Google Now, combined with a smartwatch and all the fun addons that come with it, makes it an actually appealing and seemingly useful device. A recent blog from Wired commented on this functionality:

You can use Android Wear to do all of the “OK Google” stuff. You can dictate a note and that will show up in Google Keep. You can Google search. You can set a reminder to do something, using real language. For example, you can tell it, “Remind me to grab my dry cleaning when I get home today,” and it will parse that successfully, flashing an alert as you approach your doorstep. You can also do things like check your calendar, see how many steps you’ve taken today, set timers, send emails, and even get map directions.
Google took the functionality of a command-driven digital butler and perfected it with Google Now, so we're looking to see that kind of optimization within Android Wear.

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