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Android Won’t Be Home for Xmas: WSJ

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Android Won’t Be Home for Xmas: WSJ

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Android, due in the second half, could reportedly be delayed until Q4 or maybe even next year, according to the tale the Wall Street Journal tells, a situation that opens up a can of worms for Google. 

Google has to prove that it’s more than a one-trick pony and that it can deliver something other than beta software.

The paper says Google is so absorbed with getting a T-Mobile Android phone out in Q4 that Sprint Nextel and China Mobile have fallen by the wayside.  

Sprint may drop out to do a 4G phone and China Mobile is having trouble translating Android into Chinese.  

And handset makers’ efforts to customize the widgetry for carriers is taking longer than expected; there seems to be some difficulty integrating carrier-branded service into the thing alongside Google’s apps.  

The Journal also says that Android isn’t getting backing from the mobile ISV because the platform isn’t stable – Google is constantly revising it – and Apple’s iPhone is easier to develop for.



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