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Angular Inside SVG Inside HTML

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Angular Inside SVG Inside HTML

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SVG embedded inside HTML, appears to simply extend the grammar of HTML, and perfectly co-exists in the DOM. Angular can latch on to that and work with it.

I tool a SVG map of the states of the USA from Wikipedia and embedded it in a HTML page. I added Angular and bound incarceration data from another wikipedia page and made that a JSON model for Angular to consume.

Click here to see the result as stand alone.

Yes you can interact with it. One view shows a blue with increasing darkness for incarceration rates. The other one has green to show below US average incarceration rates, and red to show above average rates. I’m not a statistician though, and the luminosity calculations could be off.

Pictures, for those that can’t view the link:

Compare to the Wikipedia picture – the hues/luminosity for which appear off. Louisiana vs Oklahoma is an example:

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