Angular, React, and Vue: What's Coming in 2017?

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Angular, React, and Vue: What's Coming in 2017?

Let's review the year of 2016 for Angular, React, and Vue.js and look ahead to see what coming for these popular JavaScript frameworks in 2017 and beyond.

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2016 has been a tremendous year for JavaScript. A host of new frameworks came to the picture. Some blurred out of existence, a few survived, and a handful became shining stars. If you are up to date with the JavaScript world, Angular and React are nothing new to you. Furthermore, if you are flexible with your coding, you must have tried Vue.js too. Hence, we've chosen to focus on these three JavaScript frameworks for 2017.

Before discussing the things to come in 2017, we'll also take a look at the 2016 highlights for these three frameworks (or libraries, if you prefer) in case you have missed anything. Let's start with Vue.js...

Vue.js Highlights of 2016 & Upcoming in 2017

In 2014, hardly anyone knew about Vue.js. It was then considered a framework for the niche, however, now developers compare this to other established frameworks like Angular or React.

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The growth of Vue.js started in 2015 and it has grown exponentially in 2016. This graph was shared by Evan You which shows the enormous acceptance of this framework:

Google Trends for "vuejs + vue.js"

Here are the milestones that Vue.js crossed this year:

  1. 1,943,567 total NPM downloads till date (1,531,217 in 2016)
  2. 38706 Github Stars in which 26,000 has been increased in 2016 only.
  3. 21,424,759 pageviews on Vuejs.org page with a 470% increase in 2016.
  4. Official launch of Vue.js version 2.0 in September 2016.
  5. Vue.js is 3rd most starred project in 2016 on GitHub.

This growth of Vue.js has attracted many developers to switch from other established frameworks.

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Thereafter, Evan You has also shared his plans for 2017, here is what you can expect:

1) Improve Testing

From the various feedback from Twitter, it looks like the Vue.js team has decided to focus more on testing. They plan is to provide more guidance in the docs and official testing utilities that make it easier to test Vue.js components.

2) Better Discoverability

As time passes Vue.js environment is getting bloated and very difficult to navigate and evaluate. In 2017, they decided to curate this with a higher standard and provide much more detailed information for each project included.

3) Native Rendering

In 2017, there will be revamped documentation, API improvements, and a better onboarding experience in the Native Rendering based on feedback from the community and large-scale production use at Alibaba.

4) Conference

Vue.js team is planning a conference in 2017. Though the dates are not final, yet they have released a survey to get your feedback on it.

Angular Highlights of 2016 & Upcoming in 2017

The Angular team at Google has made a few significant changes to the framework in the past year. Here's a glance of what's happened.

  1. In January, Angular 2 became  an MIT Open Source Licensed Framework
  2. Upgrading from Angular 2 RC2 to RC7 by the end of the year
  3. Angular entered in China as angular.cn in July
  4. Major updates in Angular version 1.6 (Expression Sandbox Removal)
  5. Final release of Angular 2 in September
  6. Angular version 2.2.0 release in November

The major change that we experienced the past year was a complete revamp in Angular 2 from the first version. After 2010, it was the first big news from the Angular team and it took the Angular popularity to new heights.

In 2017, we are expecting a lot from this framework. As per the reveals till date, here’s what you need to know:

1) Angular 4 

Leaving Angular 3 in the dust, the team has decided to go for Angular 4 directly in March 2017. Technically, it will include major changes, however, it will not be the same kind of drastic change as of 1 to 2. As developers are becoming more familiar and comfortable with the Angular 2 version and TypeScript, 2017 should see maturation and growth of Angular 2 and its ecosystem. Here is the tentative schedule of the releases:

angular4-tentativ dates2) Further Releases 

Not only Angular 4, the tentative release schedule up to Angular version 7 has also been released. Here are the predicted months:

angular-releases- 4-73) Improving Earlier Versions

Not left behind Angular 1 versions (1.5 and 1.6), steadily adding to one of the most popular frameworks. Plans for 2017 are to continue steady improvements on 1.6.x.

React Highlights of 2016 & Upcoming in 2017

React (backed by Facebook) has been very popular this year. The Facebook team made a few significant changes in the JavaScript library and they are worth noting for your growing repository:

  1. Discontinuing IE 8 support in React DOM in January 2016
  2. Major changes in versioning scheme. From 0.14.7. to 15.0.0.
  3. Major release of  v15.0 in April
  4. Introducing React’s Error Code System in July
  5. Achieved 50,000 GitHub stars in September

This states that the year was quite successful for React indeed. However, there's a lot more to come in the next year.

1) React Fiber

In 2017, we are going to hear more about React Fiber, also described as an “ongoing re-implementation of React’s core algorithm.” Watch this video to learn more about React Fiber:

However, Dan Abramov says that “there is still quite a bit of work to do,” but that it should land in version 16.0 or 17.0 of React. This is going to be a drastic change in the core algorithms of React just like Angular did while releasing its second version.

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2) Facebook Web Apps 

Facebook hopes to enable “web apps with 60 fps and animations” with the major React Fiber update in 2017.

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