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Angular UI: Making Bootstrap UI Accordion Work with Bootstrap 3

The latest templates of Angular UI Bootstrap don’t play well with Bootstrap 3.

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The latest templates of Angular UI Bootstrap don’t play well with Bootstrap 3. A few days back, I tried using the accordion directive of Bootstrap UI and was disappointed with the outcome. It happened because of the CSS classes. There are significant differences between the CSS classes in version 2.x and 3.0.

In the templates file, there are two templates defined for accordion, accordion.html and accordion-group.html. To make the accordion work with Bootstrap 3, we need to modify the CSS classes used in the directive. The following are the modified templates:

angular.module("template/accordion/accordion-group.html", []).run(["$templateCache", function ($templateCache) {
      "<div class=\"panel panel-default\">\n" +
      "  <div class=\"panel-heading\" ><a class=\"accordion-toggle\" ng-click=\"isOpen = !isOpen\" accordion-transclude=\"heading\">{{heading}}</a></div>\n" +
      "  <div class=\"panel-collapse collapse in\" collapse=\"!isOpen\">\n" +
      "    <div class=\"panel-body\" ng-transclude></div>  </div>\n" +

angular.module("template/accordion/accordion.html", []).run(["$templateCache", function ($templateCache) {
      "<div class=\"panel-group\" ng-transclude></div>");

Make these changes and use the accordion directive just as in Bootstrap 2.

<div data-accordion="" data-close-others="true">
        <div data-accordion-group="" data-heading="Heading 1">
            Contents in first group
        <div data-accordion-group="" data-heading="Heading 2">
            Contents in second group

Out of other directives, some of them work well with Bootstrap 3 classes, but some of them don’t. Tweaking other directives may not be this easy. But there are ways to make them work.

Update: I just got to know that Bootstrap UI directives for Bootstrap 3 are under development. The project can be found under this branch: Bootstrap3 Bis2. Accordion is already fixed there and the templates are quite similar to the ones I posted here. You may grab the templates from the project site.

Happy coding!

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