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AngularJS, HTML5, Groovy, Java And MongoDB All Together - What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

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This year I’ve been giving an evolving live demonstration of coding a Fully Buzz Word Compliant, mobile-friendly web application. The aim of the demo is to show, via a real-world application rather than snippets or a toy example, where these popular technologies sit in your archtecture, and how they interact with each other.

The exact code I present has changed a bit over time, but the vJUG has a pretty recent version of the demo:

The code is available on GitHub. You’ll see there are a number of different branches for the different versions I’ve presented. The current one is the JavaOne version. With all the branches, the commits correspond to the user stories in the slides, so you can get a feel for how the code builds up throughout the demo.

This talk has been videod several times, some of these videos aren’t available yet, but there are videos of older versions of this talk - these older versions use a different library to talk to MongoDB and (I hope) you’ll see that the most recent code is even simpler than these initial demos. If more videos become available I’ll add them here.

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