Animate.css: Plug and Play CSS Animations

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Animate.css: Plug and Play CSS Animations

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Who needs Flash for simple web animations these days?  In fact, who needs jQuery?  Animate.css is a recently unveiled bundle of CSS animations that you can use just by adding the class to the element, or by calling the in your CSS file. Classes and the animations have the same name.  Dan Eden, the author, explains why you might use these over jQuery:

CSS animations are pretty frickin' awesome - they use hardware acceleration natively, unlike JavaScript-powered animations. Use something like Modernizr to detect support for CSS3 animations, then use jQuery or another library to provide fallback animations for the browsers that don't support them. It's a win-win situation.  -- Dan Eden

The animations are supported in Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox (and soon IE10). Dan suggests you use Modernizr to detect CSS3 animations support and then trigger jQuery for the fall backs.

Check out the Animate.css page to see it in action!

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