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Announcement: NGINX and NGINX Plus Monitoring in SPM

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Announcement: NGINX and NGINX Plus Monitoring in SPM

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[This article was written by Mick Emmett]

The list of monitored stacks keeps growing!  SPM Performance Monitoring, Alerting and Anomaly Detection just added support for NGINX and NGINX Plus.  Now you can capture metrics like total requests and connections along with an overview report and a whole lot more.

NGINX is a high performance, open source web application accelerator that helps millions of the world’s busiest websites deliver more content, faster, to its users.  It is the #1 web server for the top 10k busiest websites in the world. NGINX Plus is the commercial version which adds advanced features, professional services, and shows more juicy metrics.

NGINX and NGINX Plus monitoring in SPM complements recently announced support for apps like MySQL,Cassandra, MemcachedApache and AWS CloudWatch.  You can see a more complete list here (scroll down to “Monitored Apps”)

Here’s a glimpse into what SPM for NGINX and NGINX Plus provides – click on an image to see the full view or you can look at the actual SPM live demo showing SPM monitoring NGINX and NGINX Plus and their metrics.

Screenshot – NGINX Plus Overview  (click to enlarge)

NGINX+ overview_new

Screenshot – NGINX Plus Server Status  (click to enlarge)

NGINX+ server status

Screenshot – NGINX Plus Status Zones  (click to enlarge)

NGINX+ status zones 2

Screenshot – NGINX Plus Caches  (click to enlarge)

NGINX+ caches

Screenshot – NGINX Plus Upstreams  (click to enlarge)

NGINX+ upstreams

Screenshot – NGINX Overview  (click to enlarge)

NGINX overview

Screenshot – NGINX Status  (click to enlarge)

NGINX status

Live Demo — See SPM for Yourself

Check out SPM’s live demo to see NGINX and NGINX Plus monitoring for yourself.  You’ll also be able to poke around and see Kafka, HBase, Elasticsearch, Solr, MySQL, and other types of apps being monitored.

Love the Idea of Monitoring NGINX and NGINX Plus? Take a Test Drive — It’s Easy to Get Started.

Try SPM Performance Monitoring for Free for 30 days by registering here.  There’s no commitment and no credit card required.


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